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Sharon Fischer





Sharon Fischer has been ministering freedom and healing into people's lives for over 30 years. She has a prayer ministry of encouragement and wisdom to help people receive healing and freedom in their deepest core. Often people tell her that what she shares when praying for them is just what they needed to hear. People have also experienced a transforming touch from God when she prays for them.


Sharon grew up in New Zealand while her father was involved in ministry and then became a pastor. Sharon has been involved in ministry since she was in her teens. At 11 years old she had an incredible life-changing encounter with God. She understands the unique challenges that Pastors and their families have to face and enjoys being able to also minister into their lives.


Sharon moved to Canada in 1981 and soon after she met and married Ron.

In 2000, Sharon and Ron were trained in Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) and became members of IATM (International Association for TPM).

Sharon has diplomas in Counselling Skills and Adult Psychology however she chooses to use Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) as the tool of choice for emotional healing and freedom because of its effectiveness through renewing of the mind when God, by the Holy Spirit, speaks his truth into their hearts. This ministry approach is effective for all ages. Often people receive noticeable emotional healing and freedom in their first two-hour session. Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) is effective for bringing healing to all sorts of emotional difficulties including anxiety/depression/PTSD, mental trauma, abuse, fears, and phobias.  

Sharon ministers to women and young people via Facebook Messaging - online video chat.

Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) sessions are usually two hours in length at a charge of $40 per hour ($80 for a two-hour session) for her time - keeping it affordable for everyone. Payment can be made by e-Transfer, PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard.

Strict confidentiality is kept. 

If you would like Transformation Prayer Ministry, please email Sharon at sharon_fischer @ to contact or set up an appointment.

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